The Rigger's Wife

Frequently Asked Questions


Are your leashes and collars machine washable? 

Our collars and leashes are wash and wear! Just rinse with fresh water and allow to air dry....or if they need a bit of extra brightening, a gentle wash cycle with a bit of detergent and bleach does the trick!

How can I measure my dog for a collar? 

Our collars are all custom made and we recommend that you take a snug measurement of your dog’s neck using a flexible tape measure. If for some reason you are not able to measure the dog’s neck but happen to have a collar that fits the dog well, measure the collar beginning from the far edge of the buckle end to the hole that fits your dog the best.

What happens if my collar or leash gets a pull or snag?

Since the collars and leashes are made with a woven material sometimes the threads will pull loose, especially when it is new. The issue is easily resolved by gently pulling/smoothing the snag out with your fingernails (tweezers could work too) following the weave of the collar. Once the snag is fairly smooth simply run a butane lighter quickly over the area and the excess thread should disappear. Washing the product also helps.

How do I operate the bow shackle on the collar?

Our collars use genuine stainless steel marine bow shackles. Proper use of this product is essential to keep the shackle from loosening. To close the shackle twist the pin until it is completely tightened. To open simply reverse the process. Check the shackle pin regularly to make sure it is always secure.

How do I keep my new wine glasses clean?

The line is very durable and a quick scrub with dish detergent should do the trick. For tougher stains simply submerge the glass in a mixture of one part bleach, two parts water and let soak for twenty minutes or so. Be sure to rinse your glass thoroughly afterwards. No dish washers please.